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Locker manufacturer
– for more than 35 years

The origin of LockTec GmbH goes back to Scottish company RAAND, which as early as the 80s, was supplying electronic locker systems to stations and airports worldwide. Because locker systems ideally complement the product range of the SITEC Security and Technology group of companies (, the Managing Director Olaf Clausen founded LockTec Ltd in Edinburgh in 1997, as well as LockTec GmbH in Weissenbrunn, and took over the Scottish company and most of its employees.

As the original inventor of patented lockers for the delivery of goods, LockTec developed the 'last mile' solution as early as 1997 and has since been electronic locker supplier for post and courier services worldwide. In recent years, the company brought the fully electronic locker system Locksafe to perfection and has also expanded its product range with the innovative cool lockers and Velosafe, a bicycle garage. All products are manufactured within the group of companies using the latest laser, punching and metal-working machinery – quality made in Germany!! This is why LockTec is always a ‘locker bank length’ ahead!

Olaf Clausen, CEO of SITEC and LockTec

History of LockTec


The story of the mother company SITEC began in 1954,

more than 60 years ago, interior designer Heinz Clausen founded a small joinery company in Kronach (North Bavaria) in 1954. The company carried out interior modifications and shop fitting. With only basic materials and two employees, furnishings and fittings were designed, manufactured and installed locally.


New head office in Hummendorf

When the rented premises were too small, a new factory for 25 employees was built in 1960 at the current location, Hummendorf.


New management and founding of SITEC GmbH

In 1975, Heinz's son Olaf Clausen took over the management and founded SITEC GmbH.
In the years 1980, 1985, 1990 and 1996, the company and office buildings were expanded. SITEC now manufactures on a production area of 5500m2 of production area and remained loyal to the location in Hummendorf.


Foundation of LockTec GmbH: clever locker systems

Since locker systems fit perfectly into the business field of SITEC, managing director Olaf Clausen founded in 1997 LockTec Ltd. in Edinburgh and the company LockTec GmbH in Weissenbrunn and took over the Scottish company RAAND and a large part of the staff.


Parcel Station 'Last Mile'

LockTec is developing the first parcel stations for postal and courier services as a so-called 'Last Mile' solution.


Parcel locker patent-protected

The technology for the delivery of parcels to a vendor is registerd for patent- protection by LockTec.


The first 20 centrally controlled parcel stations are delivered to the USA


Luggage locker systems for the pilgrimage Mecca

The first demo systems are delivered to the holy pilgrimage Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Up until now LockTec has delivered 120 electronic luggage locker systems to the mosques in Mekka and Medina. These facilities are very busy and are used by pilgrims for the safekeeping of their luggage.


Refrigerated lockers for groceries

The 1st generation cool lockers, lockers with cooling function, is installed in a shopping center in Switzerland.


Lockers for the train station Geneva

The first twelve electronic luggage locker systems of the latest generation – Locksafe5 – are delivered to SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) to the train station of Geneva. The Locksafe5 systems are equipped with a wider, handicapped accessible operation station with touchscreen display. Because of their extremely solid manufacture they offer an optimum of security.


3rd generation cool lockers

The 3rd generation of cool lockers is promoted as innovation by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). Cool lockers are now not only available with cooling but also with freezer function as well as in a tempered version.


New warehouse and logistics hall

The new warehouse and logistics hall of the company is ready for occupancy. An area of 750m2 is now available for incoming goods and material orders for major projects.


Latest acquisition: Portal milling machine PORTATEC

Delivery and commissioning of the 'new entry' in the machine park. The new milling machine manufactures three-dimensional parts made of aluminum, plastic, insulating materials, fiber composite and wood-based materials.


Bicycle boxes Velosafe

LockTec installs the latest generation of bicycle boxes Velosafe in the Inselhalle Lindau, the new congress and event location at Lake Constance. Bicycles can be parked spontaneously, without advance notice, in the modern and safe bicycle garages. There is also the opportunity to charge e-bikes in the pits.


Locker systems for the train station in Bern

In autumn, LockTec delivers ten Locksafe5.1 locker systems to the Swiss Federal Railways SBB to the train station in Bern. The systems are equipped the latest software LS-OS.


'kiekmo' lockers of the bank in Hamburg (Hamburger Sparkasse)

The second locker system with charging function for the project 'kiekmo' of the Haspa was put into operation. Anyone can rent the lockers for free via a smart app: for the storage of purchases, bags or sports equipment. The Haspa offers a great service with 'kiekmo'. Try it!

LockTec supplies and installs worldwide

From Australia to Cyprus - LockTec lockers can be found all over the world. And it goes on: planned is the acquisition of new machines for the expansion of production and for business expansion.

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