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Safe bike lockers – Velosafe

Bicycle garages for safe storage

High-quality mountain bikes, sports bicycles or e-bikes can be stored safely in the bike boxes Velosafe, sheltered from weather and vandalism. There is no reservation in advance necessary for the bike lockers, the system can be rented spontaneously. As e-mobility continues to increase, the system also addresses this trend: Velosafe can be used as an e-bike charging station to charge the batteries of e-bikes or electronic devices.

Compartment sizes

locker typeswidth* (mm)height* (mm)depth (mm)
lockers big 85012002000
lockers medium80012002000

Velosafe product details

The Velosafe housing and the door are made of 1.5 mm thick, powder-coated sheet steel. The user station also consists of 1.5 mm thick sheet steel and is reinforced by two aluminum profiles. Each module of the bicycle garage contains two bicycle boxes, which are arranged one above the other. The bicycle lockers are equipped with emergency releases in case of power failure and from the inside of the compartments. A combination with smart lockers for luggage is possible. Velosafe can be installed outdoors as well as indoors.

Material and material processing method

  • The steel structures are galvanized as standard (e.g. hot-dip galvanized, galvanized) and powder-coated or finished with a high-quality coating process (at LockTec's option).
  • Our plants meet the corrosion protection requirements according to "C3", moderate protection duration "high".
  • For the steel structures, higher quality materials such as aluminum or stainless steel can then be used. On request, it is also possible to meet the corrosion protection requirements according to "C4".
  • The steel structure has connection possibilities to the on-site grounding


Velosafe equipment

  • The bicycle locker compartments can be optionally equipped with power connectors (Locktec Power Charger) for charging e-bikes or mobile devices.
  • Ideal for bicycle tyre sizes from 23-55 mm according to DIN 79008-1 and 2 (also suitable for bicycles with tyre widths below 23 mm and above 55 mm).
  • The bicycle garages are available in different colors - of course also in special colors and your personal CI design.
  • The user station consists of a PC and touch screen with multilingual, intuitive user interface. It is available integrated and separately.
  • The payment of the rent can be made by coins, banknotes or cashless.
  • Opening and closing mechanism options: Electronic lock, rfid locker, fingerprint lock, pin code lock with touchpad, lock with barcode scanner.

Benefits for the operator

  • Increase in rental income through profitable short-term rentals instead of low-paid long-term rentals.
  • Improvement of customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • Velosafe bicycle garages can be combined with Locksafe5 luggage lockers and still only one operator station is needed.
  • Additional increase in turnover by equipping the compartments with a charging station for batteries or for mobile devices.
  • Rental and pick-up possible around the clock, without waiting at the counter.
  • Velosafe systems, prices and revenues can be monitored remotely.

Benefits for the user

  • Rental and pick-up possible around the clock – no waiting at the counter.
  • Rental of the Velosafe garage spontaneously possible – no app or a pre-booking is necessary.
  • In addition to the sheltered storage of the bicycle, batteries or mobile devices can be charged.

Velosafe mobile (Generation 2)

We offer a mobile solution for our Velosafe. This is a two-storey version with a trapezoidal arrangement. It can be used on both sides. Up to two bicycles can be stored in the lower boxes. The system can be moved within a short space of time.

  •  External dimensions: width 6,058mm, height 2,896mm, depth 2,438mm.
  •  16 boxes with up to 24 parking spaces

Benefits for the operator

  • Space saving due to small footprint.
  • Mobile: flexibly relocatable.
  • Up to 24 bikes adjustable.

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