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Smart lockers for events and education

Smart lockers for luggage storage – Locksafe

Lockers for exhibitions, fairs, concerts and schools

Are your visitors carrying heavy luggage or items which they are not allowed to take into the building or the grounds? Your customers have valuables with them which they want to stow safely? Your guests have already checked out, but would like to store their luggage until their final departure?

With smart public lockers Locksafe, you can answer these questions for your visitors or guests and offer safe storage of luggage and valuables. In addition, mobile devices can be charged in the compartments.


Improvement of customer service and satisfaction

Increase of hire takings

Keyless system, no need to change the lock in case a key gets lost

Systems and takings can be controlled remotely

Storage of valuables – staff lockers

Smart lockers for your employees

What to do with the valuables of your employees? Of course, these should be stored safely and simple metal cabinets are not enough. The doors are bent? The locks have to be replaced because of lost keys? The compartments are permanently in use, but nobody knows from whom?

Staff lockers is your answer to these questions. These are keyless, robust and secure lockers with electronic lock, rfid locker, fingerprint lock, pin code lock with touchpad, lock with barcode scanner. The software can be used to view the occupancy of the system and to personalize compartments.


employee logs in
with PIN, barcode,
RFID or fingerprint.
employee places
valuables in locker
closes compartment

Secure storage of employees' valuables

Individual tray selection or personalized assignment

Keyless system, no need to change the lock in case a key gets lost

Administration, right and role concepts are controlled via software