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Smart lockers for real estate and housing

Refrigerated lockers for groceries – cool lockers

Chilled pickup stations with click & collect system

The shift operation starts or the working day is longer than expected and there is no time for shopping - the supermarkets are closed. Offer your customers an innovative service with cool lockers: groceries and food can be ordered comfortably and easily online and picked up at the station when the customer is ready. The pickup station can be equipped with uncooled, refrigerated and freezing locker compartments.

In addition, cool lockers can also be furnished with heated compartments, so that sensitive electronic devices can be delivered to your customers without damage.

Improvement of customer service and satisfaction

Increase in frequency and number of customers

Increase in turnovers

Competitive advantage – unique selling point

Delivery and pickup station – Servicebox

Parcel locker, package station and collection point

The gift or clean suit ordered online is urgently needed the next day, but the recipient is travelling on business or working and therefore not available to the delivery service.

As the operator of the Servicebox, you can offer the solution because urgent shipments and services can be delivered and picked up around the clock – 24/7. Thanks to the smart parcel locker software the system can be used by everyone; so it can be supplied by all courier companies and service providers, no exception - multi-carrier system Servicebox.

You can offer the service to both your customers and your employees, or you can simply use the parcel locker system to receive or deliver goods. Some well-known airports use the Servicebox for example to hand over staff uniforms.


supplier logs in
at parcel station
and compartment opens
supplier places
order in the locker
closes compartment
recipient logs in
at parcel station
compartment opens and
recipient takes order
closes compartment

Improvement of customer service and satisfaction

Reinforcement of customer loyalty

Reduction of personnel costs

Optimization of your internal processes

Secure bicycle lockers – Velosafe

Your tenants have no room in their apartment to store their bikes. There is no garage or storage, but where to put the bike?

Velosafe bicycle boxes offer the perfect solution to keep your bike and luggage safe and sheltered from weather and vandalism. In addition, e-bike batteries can be charged in the compartments of the bike garage, which is an additional incentive for your tenants. 

1. Pick a compartment and
put your bike inside
2. Close the
3. Pay at the user station
and take your ticket
4. Scan your ticket
5. Open your compartment
6. Take your bike and
close the compartment

Improvement of customer service and satisfaction

Increase in hire takings due to short term hires

Keyless system, no need to change the lock in case a key gets lost

Systems and takings can be controlled remotely