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Smart Cities and Smart Terminals

pickup stations and Smart Terminals – Servicebox

Parcel locker, package station and collection point

The digitization of retail is progressing ever more noticeably: thanks to a service box, retailers can now offer their customers click & collect. Thus, the modern retail can also move into the city centers and smaller stores get a novel opportunity for direct marketing - completely to the satisfaction of the modern and mobile consumer. 

The service box offers the solution here, because urgent goods and services can be delivered and collected around the clock. The intelligent locker system can be used by anyone, i.e. delivered by all courier services and service providers.

SmartTerminalsenable public authorities and offices to offer citizens a time-flexible pickup of important documents, passports and ID cards - under high security requirements due to integrated fingerprint sensor and PIN entry. In this way, an efficient optimization of document management can be integrated, even for companies. Here, employees can easily pick up their daily mail or even important contract documents without being tied to colleagues' working hours. 

By integrating ServiceBoxes, everyday processes can be made more efficient and more flexible in terms of time - all in the spirit of intelligent networking within a SmartCity.


Improvement of customer service and satisfaction

Reinforcement of customer loyalty

Reduction of personnel costs

Optimization of your internal processes

SmartTerminals in use

Refrigerated lockers for groceries – cool lockers

Chilled pickup stations with click & collect system

Shift work is coming up or the workday is longer than expected and there is no time for shopping - the supermarkets are closed. This makes it convenient and easy to order groceries and shopping online and pick them up at a cool lockers station. Not only non-refrigerated, but also refrigerated and frozen goods can be stored safely in this station. This means that the weekly shopping or even the evening meal can be picked up on the way home after work without any time constraints.  

The cool lockers can also be equipped with heatable compartments so that sensitive electronic devices can be delivered to your customers undamaged.


Improvement of customer service and satisfaction

Increase in frequency and number of customers

Increase in turnovers

Competitive advantage – unique selling point