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LockTec, Parcellock, Hermes, DPD, TheFroge, Newcastle

STOP for competing product ParcelLock: Hermes and DPD discontinue joint venture

Created by Mario Pfeuffer |

ParcelLock does not meet consumer demands. Therefore, both companies decided to end the strategic alliance in the course of the year.

ParcelLock was...

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Climate-friendly mobility: Intelligent bicycle garages for the city of Löhne.

New Velosafe facility for a European energy and climate protection municipality

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Stylish ServiceBox in Manchester for a modern residential project

Residents of Manchester's No.1 Old Trafford residential development can now enjoy not only their stunning riverside location close to the famous...

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Velosafe from LockTec - always with the customer in mind!

The uncomplicated use has always been a convincing point of our Velosafe bicycle garage:

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Round-the-clock deliciousness with our cool lockers system

The customers of butchery Ammon can now also benefit from one of our cool lockers:

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Relaxed shopping experience at the Ülemiste Center in Tallinn thanks to the Locksafe Smart electronic luggage lockers

Since June 2021, visitors to the Ülemiste Shopping Center in Tallin (Estonia) can now enjoy their shopping tour in an even more relaxed way:

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French town of Bourgoin-Jallieu promotes regional trade

Customers can order a wide variety of products on the online shopping platform "en bas de ma rue", which means "in the middle of town". More than 300...

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cool lockers for Fischer's garden center

Our cool lockers system are not only for picking up food and chilled groceries: Since 12.03.21, one of our cool locker stations has also been...

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eos® Transfer Tray P7810 with UV-C disinfection

Our new eos® transfer tray P7810 disinfects items or documents as it hands them over. The transfer process takes only a few seconds, with the...

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