LockTec develops and produces locker systems

LOCKSAFE locker system for Makkah pilgrims
Parcel station in the Netherlands
Bus Station Edinburgh, Scotland
LOCKSAFE Parcelpoint24
  • for the storage of luggage at stations, ferry terminals and Airports
  • for the storage of bags in shopping centres

  • click & collect: for the temporary storage of short-life food products and goods in chilled lockers
  • for the storage of bags in museums and during Events
  • for the delivery of parcels and goods by postal and courier services and pick-up by the recipient, so-called last-mile Solutions
  • for the handover of pharmaceuticals and goods after closing time
  • for the storage of valueables at the beach, in sport centres, hospitals, official authorities, colleges and so on ...
  • for the distribution of postal and data files in official authorities, data centres, etc.
  • for the safe storage of bikes

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