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Smart lockers at train station Montparnasse - Locksafe by LockTec

Locker systems by LockTec in Paris - at the Montparnasse train station, 13 systems with a total of almost 500 lockers of various sizes have been installed.

Luggage, suitcases and bags can now be stowed safely. The lockers are equipped with chargers so that electronic devices can not only be safely stored but also recharged. The keyless lockers are equipped with LED occupancy displays and a barcode scanner. With Locksafe you always have a free hand!

Elektronischer Schließfachschrank Locksafe - LockTec
Electronic lockers for safe storage of luggage at train stations, bus stations and airports.
Elektronischer Schließfachschrank Locksafe - LockTec
Smart lockers - safe, robust and universal.