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Velosafe mobil: Double-storey bike locker in Chemnitz

Created by Mario Pfeuffer |

Three new, innovative bike locker offer secure and weather-protected storage facilities for bicycles. The Velosafe mobil locker are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. The three bike locker are located at strategically important transport hubs in Chemnitz: at the Chemnitz University of Technology lecture centre, on the Straße der Nationen and directly at the main railway station, these bicycle boxes enable commuters to "BIKE AND RIDE", "BIKE AND LEARN" and "BIKE AND SHOP" conveniently and safely. They complement the conventional bike racks and parking facilities and help to make cycling in Chemnitz even more attractive.


Innovative container design enables mobile relocation

Each mobile bike locker is characterised by its container design. This allows the garages to be relocated quickly as required. Each Velosafe mobil offers space for a total of 16 bicycles on two levels. On the lower levels, two bicycles can even be stored next to each other in one box, increasing the capacity to up to 24 bicycles.

Intuitive operation, plenty of space and safety

The pull-out rails in the upper boxes are intuitive and easy to operate. A bicycle can also be conveniently parked in the upper boxes. The bike boxes are suitable for standard bikes with a length of around two metres. E-bikes can charge their batteries in the lower boxes. There is also space for panniers and helmets. The boxes also offer protection from the weather, vandalism and theft.

Convenient online and on-site payment

Payment is either cashless and anonymous at the operating terminals on site or in advance via the online booking portal "Lockport". Various payment methods are available here, including debit and credit cards, Giropay, instant bank transfer, SEPA direct debit and PayPal. A QR code on the terminal itself leads to the booking portal. Paying with a smartphone on site makes parking in the Velosafe mobil garages particularly easy. There is no need to install an additional app.

System support as an accompanying service

The city of Chemnitz has commissioned the manufacturer LockTec GmbH to provide accompanying services. As part of this support, LockTec offers troubleshooting of software problems, assistance with payment problems and general usage instructions. In addition, LockTec is responsible for supporting the systems for the city of Chemnitz in the context of payment billing. LockTec ensures that every mobile bike garage functions smoothly and is reliably available to cyclists at all times.


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The Velosafe mobil is conveniently located between Chemnitz main station, the bus station and the car park.
In Chemnitz, our Velosafe mobil complements the PARK AND RIDE offer with BIKE AND RIDE at the station forecourt.
A Velosafe mobile has 16 bicycle boxes with space for 24 bicycles.
BIKE AND LEARN: Cycling to study at Chemnitz University of Technology.
BIKE AND SHOP: Shopping in Chemnitz city centre by bike.
The Velosafe mobil can comfortably accommodate conventional bicycles at the top. Two e-bikes can be parked and charged below.