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STOP for competing product ParcelLock: Hermes and DPD discontinue joint venture

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ParcelLock does not meet consumer demands. Therefore, both companies decided to end the strategic alliance in the course of the year.

ParcelLock was originally planned as an alternative to the DHL Packstation and was to be integrated as a locker system in apartment buildings and single-family houses or tested at public transport stops. Consumers could have orders delivered to their lockers from both stationary and online retailers. The connection to ParcelLock turned out to be disadvantageous: Too few user numbers, insufficient market development of PacelLock and deficits in area coverage due to a lack of cooperating manufacturers and sales partners ensured this decision.

LockTec service box – the original among parcel compartments as a promising alternative

In its promise to receive and return packages and goods of all kinds at any time of the day or night, the Servicebox from the Franconian company LockTec is in no way inferior to the DHL and Amazon parcel stations. As a pioneer in the industry and at the same time the inventor of the global standard for parcel lockers, the company based in Northern Bavaria has been offering the open, neutral and non-discriminatory multi-carrier solution for all courier express parcel services, suppliers and service providers since the 1990s. LockTec scores with decades of experience and solid know-how in the field of transfer stations, SmartTerminals, parcel stations, refrigerated stations, pallet lockers, gas bottle lockers, intralogistics solutions and mobile stations. The service box meets those consumer demands that ParcelLock failed to meet.

Manufacturers of parcel stations react frantically - LockTec remains relaxed

Locker manufacturers who cooperated with ParcelLock are now reacting hectically: They have to change, adapt or migrate their technical solutions. On the other hand, this is not the case with locker solutions from LockTec. “Locktec continues to offer easy and non-discriminatory access for everyone who should and wants to deliver to the service box. Operators and users of the service box will not have to pay any additional license fees in the future either. The versatile service box is "Made in Germany", says Johannes Clausen, Managing Director of LockTec GmbH.


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