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Relaxed shopping experience at the Ülemiste Center in Tallinn thanks to the Locksafe Smart electronic luggage lockers

Since June 2021, visitors to the Ülemiste Shopping Center in Tallin (Estonia) can now enjoy their shopping tour in an even more relaxed way:

Our Locksafe Smart locker system offers them an intelligent, uncomplicated and, above all, secure way to store valuables, bags and other luggage while they shop.

For the customer himself, the drop-off and pick-up process is made simple: Once a suitable one of the 72 compartments has been selected and the items have been stowed, a ticket with a QR code is printed out. . During the pick-up this code is scanned again and the rented compartment will open automatically. The rental is free of charge for the visitor. In this way, the customer can enjoy his shopping tour in peace without being bound by time.