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Climate-friendly mobility: Intelligent bicycle garages for the city of Löhne.

New Velosafe facility for a European energy and climate protection municipality

Cycling has become the new hobby of the Germans - the city of Löhne has also recognized this and has installed a Velosafe facility with 18 bicycle garages near the train station to improve the intermodal infrastructure. Our electronic bicycle garages offer users excellent protection against wind and weather, as well as against theft and vandalism. An integrated guide rail makes parking the bikes child's play - even in the upper boxes. The many e-bikes have also been thought of; users are given the opportunity to charge their battery during the parking period. This is another incentive for citizens to get on their bikes and make a small contribution to climate protection. We are particularly pleased to be able to support this climate-friendly mobility concept with our Velosafe systems, as LockTec itself has been committed to sustainability and a better environment for decades.